How To Make HQ Combo List

How To Make HQ Combo List
Make HQ Combo List

Want To Make A HQ Combo List For Cracking Accounts?, If YES! You Are In Right Place Buddy. I Will Help You To Make A Perfect And Unique Combo List.

What Is HQ Combo List?

HQ Combo List Means A Accounts: Passwords List Which Is Unique. Means You Are Only One In This World Having That Combo List. Most Of The HQ Combos Satisfy All Accounts List And Are Anti-Public Combos.

How To Make HQ Combo List?

There Are Numbers Of Ways To Make A HQ Combos, You May Find Some In Cracking Forum Like,, Etc. Most Of The Hackers Post Their HQ Combo List In Such Cracking Forum. But, The Problem Is They Are Used By Many User On The Internet.

Now The Only Way To Make A HQ Combo List Is To Create Your Own List For Cracking Accounts. You Can Do All These Things By Many Ways Like You Can Collect Combos Using A Leecher Or A Using SQLI Dumper.

Using SQLI Dumper Is Not So Easy, But Most The People On The Internet Use Leechers For Making Combos. There Are Many Coders Like X-Slayer, X-Killer, X-Risky, Etc Who Created Their Own Leecher. Slayer Leecher v0.6 Is Among One Of Them.

Slayer Leecher v0.6 Is One Of The Best Leecher I Have Ever Used. At The Beginning, Days When I Started Cracking I Used To Use Slayer Leecher v0.6 In Great Cause.

Make Combos Using Slayer Leecher v0.6

Now Here The Game Begins, I Will Help You To Create Your Own Combo List Using Pictures And Some YouTube Videos.

Slayer Leecher v0.6 Is A Cracking Tool. Hence, It Is Recommended To Use It In Sandboxie Or Virtual PC.
Step 1 : First Of All Download Latest Version Of Slayer Leecher v0.6 From Below.

Slayer Leecher v0.6

Step 2 : Now Launch The Leecher In Your Virtual PC By Clicking On The .EXE File.

Slayer Leecher Exe File

Step 3 : You May Find A Interactive Interface After The Program Opens.

Step 4 : Now, You Just Require HQ Keywords For The Combo List. Don't Worry You Can Download That Too By Visiting The Below Link.


Step 5 : If You Got Your Required Keywords Be Happy, Not All The Keywords Are Available But You Can Make Respective Keywords By Visiting Below Link. Just Put Your Primary Or Main Keyword And Search!

Keyword Shitter

Step 6 : After Finding Right Keywords, Paste Your Keywords In The Box

Slayer Leecher Keyword Box

Step 7 : Then Only Select Pastebin As Selecting Google And Other Search Engines May BAN Your IP Address For Some Time

Slayer Leecher Pastebin

Step 8 : You Can Select The Time Limit Ranging From Year To Day. It Is Recommended To Select A Week.

Resultant Week

Step 9 : Afterward, Click On START Button.

Step 10 : Make Sure You Collect Around 5-6K Resultant.

Step 11 : Here I Assume You May Have Collected About 5K Resultant Now Filter The Resultant And Grab The Links

Step 12 : After Grabbing The Links Pass The Links To The Leecher.

Pass To Leecher Slayer Leecher

Step 13 : In This Step, I Again Assume You May Have Grabbed HQ Proxies. Did You ?, If Not Don't Worry I Am Here.

Proxy Checker

For Collecting Proxies You Can Use Many Tools Available Online Also You Can Just Search On This Website. Just Click The Below Link For Proxy Grabber And Checker By DarkNess. This Proxy Checker Is HQ Tool Which Scraps And Checks The Proxy In The Single Program.

Proxy Tool

Step 14 : Again Back To Track, Now Load Your HQ Proxies Into Slayer Leecher v0.6 Program.

Slayer Leecher Download

Step 15 : Make Sure To Set The Threads To 50 For Collecting Combos From Links.

Step 16 : Again Click On START. At Last, Make Sure You Save Combo List By Removing Duplicate.

Step 17 : Hence, You Made Your HQ Combo List Using HQ Keywords With HQ Proxy.

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Video Tutorial

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