How To Crack Password With John The Ripper?

crack password with john the ripper

In this tutorial, we will learn how to crack a password using the most famous password cracking tool john the ripper.

John the ripper supports many attacks like wordlist attack, brute-force attack, incremental attack, etc. It is capable of cracking passwords of pdf, 7z, zip, rar, bitcoin, blockchain, truecrypt, etc.

Ever downloaded a file from the internet and forgot the password? Yes, it happens to me a lot of times. Then I have to look up my browser history to find out from where I downloaded the file for the correct password.

Installation Of John The Ripper

Before getting started make sure you have downloaded and installed john the ripper on your system.

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Locate the folder where john.exe is present, usually, it is present in the run folder.

john the ripper folder structure

Open the command prompt in that folder and type the below command.

john -h

If you got a bunch of options, It means john the ripper is working and installed correctly.

john the ripper command line

Tutorial Of John The Ripper

For demonstration purposes, we will be cracking the password of a zip file.

password of a zip file
  1. Open command prompt in the folder where john the ripper is present (as did previously).

  2. First we need to calculate the hash of the file. We will use zip2john for this operation.

    zip2john > zip.hash
    zip 2 john command line

    You can calculate the hash of any file using *2john. For example: to calculate the hash of the 7z file I would have used

    7z2john password.7z > 7z.hash
  3. Hash of the file will be stored in the zip.hash.

    hash of a zip file for jtr
  4. At last we will calculate the password using the hash generated.

    john zip.hash
    hash of a zip file for jtr

    You can use any hash here. Example: for 7z hash I would have used

    john 7z.hash
  5. Have tea with cookies and wait for the task to get completed.

  6. Voila! we got the password.

    password cracked using jtr

This is how we can crack the password of the file using john the ripper. I hope you all understood the steps we need to follow. If any query comment below.

Make sure you crack the password of the file belonging to you.

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