SilverBullet v1.0.2【Modded OpenBullet】

SilverBullet [Modded OpenBullet]

SilverBullet Is A Modded Version Of OpenBullet With Some New Features And Bugs Fixed. Unlike, OpenBullet Only Support .lolix Config File But, SilverBullet Supports .lolix, .loli, .anom, & .svb Config Files.

Although, SilverBullet Has Number Of Features But, Has Some Bugs Like Crashing, Etc. Their Team Is Working On It.

What’s New In SilverBullet?

  • Added Websocket Block
  • Added Send A Text Message To A Telegram In Utility Block
  • Added Set Selenium User Agent In-browser Action Block
  • Fixed And Updated Js Executor
  • Fixed Color Thresh And Sharpen Filters (OCR)
  • Supported Drag-drop Wordlist, Proxy, Config
  • Fixed Maximum Mbmq146
  • Fixed Load .lolix Config
  • Added Input Box For Bots
  • Added Analyze Login Page (Block Request)
  • Updated Wordlist Tools
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Supported Format loli,loliX,anom
  • Added Find And Replace Dialog In Loliscript Editor
  • Added OCR
  • Added Set Variable In (OCR)
  • Added Image Processing (With Opencv And Without Opencv)
  • Added Mathematical String Evaluation (Function)
  • Added Date To Solar In Function Block
  • Added Date(Solar) To Gregorian (Function)
  • Added Get The Remaining Day (Function)
  • Added Get Current Year,Month,Day,Hour (Function)
  • Added Input To Digits,Letter,Letterordigits (Function)
  • Added Remove String In Function Block
  • Added Num To Words (En) (Function)
  • Added Words To Num (En) (Function)
  • Added Sub Wordlist
  • Added Multiple Wordlists
  • Added Disable Automation In Selenium (Settings)
  • Added New Icons And Updated Previous Icons
  • Added Generate Random Ua Android And Ios (Function)
  • Added Editable Custom (Key Check)
  • Added Show All Custom Types By Hovering The Mouse Over The Custom Label
  • Added Refresh In Select Config (Runner)
  • Added Tessdata Downloader (Tools)
  • Added Supporters (Tab)
  • Supported Random Num Generation Up To 18 Digits (Function)
  • Updated Browser (Html View) To Cefsharp (Chromium-based Browser) (Stacker)
  • Updated Log In The Debugger (Stacker)
  • Updated Select List (Runner)


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