SQLI Dumper v5.1 Coded By Flash

SQLI Dumper v5.1 Coded By Flash

SQLI Dumper v5.1 Is The Best Combolist Dumper Tool. It Is A Powerful Tool To Process The Detection And Exploitation Of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.

SQLI Dumper Tool Is Able To Dump All The Data In The Database Once It Has Been The SQL Injection Vulnerability Detected. You Can Use SQLI Dumper To Generate HQ Combolist For Getting Premium Accounts.


  • It Has Inbuilt Support Of Many Search Engines To Find The Targets Online.
  • An Automated Search For The Targets Using Dork Queries.
  • An Automated Way Of Analyzing And Exploitation Of The Injection Points.
  • Bulk Url Analysis And Exploitation Feature
  • And Many More!
Don't Use It On Personal Computer. Use RDP Or Sandboxie For Execution Of Program.


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